What is mean by Multi Cloud ?


Is Hybrid cloud and Multi cloud are same?

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Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud contain different meanings.

Hybrid Cloud is a computing environment that combines Public Cloud Services and Private Cloud Resources, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Multi Cloud is the strategy of using multiple cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud providers to meet business needs. Multi Cloud means you are using Multiple Cloud Providers to meet your business needs.

The difference between the Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud is that Hybrid is only using one Cloud Provider while Multi Cloud is using more than one Cloud Provider.

For a more informative explanation and how to begin the process of Hybrid and Multi please feel free to check this informative webpage. https://aws.amazon.com/hybrid-multicloud/

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Hybrid cloud is a mix of on Prem and Cloud..

Multi cloud is when you have multiple cloud providers, such as using AWS and Azure

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Both are different. Hybrid cloud is when you are leveraging both on-prem as well cloud for your workload. Multi-Cloud is when you are leveraging multiple cloud service providers. You can also leverage multi-cloud along with your on-prem in a more complex hybrid environment.

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Multi-cloud is a strategy that involves using cloud services from more than one cloud provider, with production workloads. I think its important that we mention that its not just having productivity tools or usage of a specific service, but its part of your strategy and you have meaninful production workloads.

A hybrid cloud combines a cloud services provider with on-premises resources. This setup allows organizations to keep some data and applications in a on-premise environment while utilizing the capabilities of the cloud for others.

As mentioned, multi-cloud refers to the use of services from multiple cloud providers.

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