Service Timeout, Unavailable on ECS



I want to ask about my micro-service, we have service orchestrator that using URL rewrite.

When I tried to call the service, I got timeout. but when I check the log on CloudWatch, it's still redirected to related micro-service & the micro-service sent the response.

When I check on the metric, the data is not available, you can refer at no line in the graph.

No Line in the Graph

But when I see the Healthy status on Target Group, it has said healthy instance (1 healthy, 0 unhealthy).

Healthy Status without monitoring data

What happen to this service? and how to overcome this challenge?

Does anyone has any idea?

  • FYI : I solve this issue with redeploy service orchestrator with the SAME code. but I don't know what's the issue and how to prevent it in the future.

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What are the security group settings for the ECS container?
Are your inbound rules allowing the necessary communication?

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  • Yes, it allows the HTTP & HTTPS connection, but we prevent HTTP connection on ALB, since it doesn't have any changes before and after redeployment of the ECS task.

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