CREATE_FAILED for EC2 instance for Nvidia Omniverse


Hi, I wanted to try out Nvidia Omniverse on the Amazon Virtual Workstation. I was following the document:

We I try to create this instance I get an error that the create has failed. I am using the free AWS account. It would be grateful if someone can help me out with this as this is the first time I am using AWS. Also is it possible to run Omniverse on the free AWS account?

Thanks, Manish

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The g5.2xlarge instance type that the document refers to will not be available as a free tier resource. This link will help you find compute resources that are available in the free tier.*all&awsf.Free%20Tier%20Categories=categories%23compute

The g5.2xlarge instance is available via on-demand hourly pricing for $1.58/hr with Windows. The full instance pricing is listed here:

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