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We have a build an application using mutiple aws services. The request from front end goes to API GW and then to Aggregator Lambda Function and then to Individual Data Based Lambda Function and then the request goes to Dynamo db or Elastic Search.

The logs from Lambda goes to Cloudwatch. We have to open 2 different cloudwatch logs to debug the issues.

We want to understand the ways to get all logs in a single log view. Are there any way to get these kind of logs ?

Can some one share any insights on this ?

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the recently released "AWS CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability" feature can be useful in your use case.

To use it, just setup one of the accounts as source account and the other as monitoring account, the logs from both accounts will show up in the monitoring account, then you can search logs using CloudWatch Insight.

Certainly, other observability tools in the marketplace, like Splunk, DataDog, can also help, but it will involve some major cost.

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