How do I avoid throttling when I call PutMetricData in the CloudWatch API?

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I receive the error "400 ThrottlingException" for PutMetricData API calls in Amazon CloudWatch.

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When you receive the error "400 ThrottlingException" for PutMetricData API calls in CloudWatch, you also receive the following message:

<ErrorResponse xmlns="">
    <Message>Rate exceeded</Message>

To help service performance, CloudWatch throttles requests for each AWS account based on the AWS Region. For current PutMetricData API request quotas, see CloudWatch service quotas.

Note: All calls to the PutMetricData API in a Region count towards the maximum allowed request rate. This number includes calls from any custom or third-party application. Examples of such applications include the CloudWatch Agent, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), and the AWS Management Console.


It's a best practice to use the following methods to reduce your call rate and avoid API throttling:

  • Distribute your API calls evenly over time rather than making several API calls in a short time period. If you require data to be available with a 1-minute resolution, then you have an entire minute to emit that metric. Use jitter (randomized delay) to send data points at various times.
  • Combine as many metrics as possible into a single API call. For example, a single PutMetricData call can include 1,000 metrics and 150 data points. You can also use pre-aggregated data sets, such as StatisticSet, to publish aggregated data points. This reduces the number of PutMetricData calls per second.
  • Retry your call with exponential backoff and jitter.

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