How do I include my dedicated IP address as part of my default IP pool on Amazon SES?

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I have dedicated IP addresses (standard) on Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). I want to use a dedicated IP address from my default IP pool to send my emails.


Note: The following steps apply to dedicated IP addresses (standard).

If you don't assign a dedicated IP address (standard) to an IP pool, then one is included in the default IP pool that's named ses-default-dedicated-pool. Also, if you don't specify an IP pool in your configuration set, then Amazon SES uses one of the dedicated IP addresses (standard) from ses-default-dedicated-pool.

To modify an existing configuration set to explicitly specify the use of ses-default-dedicated-pool, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Amazon SES console.
  2. In the navigation pane, under Configuration, choose Configuration Sets.
  3. Choose the configuration set that you want to associate with ses-default-dedicated-pool.
  4. On the configuration set details page, under General details, choose Edit.
  5. Under Sending IP pool, select ses-default-dedicated-pool.
  6. Choose Save changes.

Apply these best practices when you use a configuration set and dedicated IP addresses:

  • For a configuration set to apply to emails, pass the name of the configuration set in the email headers. For more information, see Specifying a configuration set when you send email.
  • Attach the default IP pool to the configuration set only after you warm up the dedicated IP addresses (standard). Amazon SES gradually increases the number of emails that are sent from the IP addresses to automatically warm up your dedicated IP addresses (standard). Or, you can turn off the automatic warm-up process to manually warm up your IP addresses. When the dedicated IP addresses (standard) begin to warm up, don't send emails that explicitly use the default IP pool that's associated with a configuration set. If you use a dedicated IP address that isn't warmed up, then your internet service provider (ISP) can throttle the emails that come from the IP address.

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