Why Can't I Associate Multiple Client VPN Endpoints in the Same Availability Zone?


I'm using mutual certificate based authentication to quarantine off portions of my VPC to different users. Therefore, I have to have multiple Client VPN Endpoints. Can AWS only handle 1 Client VPN Endpoint per AZ the same VPC, even if they're on different subnets?

Client VPN Endpoint 1 is associated with Subnet 1 on us-east-1a
Client VPN Endpoint 2 is associated with Subnet 2 on us-east-1a

However, AWS will not let me do this -

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At this moment you cannot associate multiple subnets from the same Availability Zone with a Client VPN endpoint. You can associate multiple subnets with a Client VPN endpoint for high availability. All subnets must be from the same VPC. Each subnet must belong to a different Availability Zone.

Refer Limitations and rules of Client VPN section - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/vpn/latest/clientvpn-admin/what-is.html

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