not able to copy rds snapshot to Hyderabad region


Hello. My primary Postgres (15.2) rds is in Mumbai region. I am trying to copy the snapshot in Hyderbad region but it does not show up in the "Destination Region" drop-down. Do I need to do anything to enable RDS region? I got the Hyderabad region enabled about a week ago and I can see it from the region drop-down in the top navbar.

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If no other errors were given, this could be a timing issue. From the docs:

Depending on the AWS Regions involved and the amount of data to be copied, a cross-Region snapshot copy can take hours to complete. In some cases, there might be a large number of cross-Region snapshot copy requests from a given source Region. In such cases, Amazon RDS might put new cross-Region copy requests from that source Region into a queue until some in-progress copies complete. No progress information is displayed about copy requests while they are in the queue. Progress information is displayed when the copy starts.
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RDS Backup replication in Hyderabad region is not supported. Check this doc for more details -

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