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Hi, I am a bit of a newbie. I wanted to change my instance type, so I stopped my instance change the type from t2.medium to t2.micro and then tried to start again the instance however now I cant see the service in my domain.

How can I revert that change or attach again the service I had. (Passbolt)

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What do you mean by "cannot see the service in my domain"?

The documentation describes the steps to change the instance type [1]. If the instance starts and you can connect via SSH for instance, I would recommend to troubleshoot the service itself in the OS.

Also, are you using the public IP to access the service? If so, if you do not attach an elastic IP to the instance, the IP will change once you stop and start the instance.

Finally, as per the Passbolt documentation [2], t2.micro does not seem to match the vendor minimum hardware requirements (2 cores, 2Gb RAM).

Hope that helps.



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I attempted to change the instance type from medium to micro. Because of your comment i set back to the medium instance again.... do you happen to know how to see my passbolt again? The IP has changed and the page where I used to see my passbolt fails at the moment.

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  • Hey, If the IP changed, I would recommend you to use the command "dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-pro-server" (change pro by ce in the command depending on the Passbolt version you use) -> answer "no" for the mysql part -> answer "yes" for the nginx server then choose the same option you did the first time (none or manual or auto) and here you will be able to chain the Passbolt domain name, you can put your new IP and then get back to your browser to access back to your Passbolt instance via the new IP/Domain name. As mentioned before, I would strongly recommend you to attach an elastic IP to your instance in order to not have to reconfigure this every time it restarts.

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