Can't connect to instance using Session Manager


Dear team. I'm deploying several EC2 windows servers (2022 and 2019). SSM agent is installed and IAM roles like AmazonSSMRoleForInstancesQuickSetup or Cloudwatch were used but I still can't connect using Session Manager. I cann access older instances using SM this is happening since last month (April, 2023). Is that happening to anyone?

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Have you checked that the EC2's have Internet access, this is needed to reach the SSM and EC2 endpoints, you can have Internet access through the IGW if your instances are in a public subnet and have a public IP or a NATGW if the instances are in a private subnet.

If you don't have Internet access you can still use SSM but you have to create seevral VPC Endpoint for SSM, EC2, EC2 Messages.

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