How to run queries on data in an S3 bucket using Athena via Glue Crawlers when you do not have an IAM role or being an IAM user.


I am working on the Capstone project in my online Masters program in Data Analytics Engineering right now and we are required to use a group AWS account with very restricted functionality for my team of 5 people. Neither I, nor any of my 4 teammates have ever used AWS before by the way. And because the way our team's single shared AWS account was procured and curated for us by an Amazon liaison, we do not have access to either IAM roles and I cannot create user IAM access either. No IAM roles available IAM dashboard: Access denied!

No IAM users available either!

We have data in csv files in our S3 bucket that I need to be able to run queries on using Amazon's Athena service, but it seems like every tutorial, whether on YouTube, or the official ones built into Athena on the side margin go through AWS Glue Crawler, and they all create IAM roles or grant access to an IAM user. We have asked our professor if we can get IAM role access and he has flatly denied us this.

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Welcome to the world of AWS :) it sounds like you and your teammates have been granted access to a controlled environment. My assumption would be that certain resources have already been provisioned in the account such as IAM roles, the S3 bucket with the data, and potentially a Glue crawler. You may see the "Access Denied" red pop-ups on certain pages but I would double check the Crawler section, the S3 console, and Athena to see what actions you are permitted to view/choose.

You can take a look at this workshop too which walks through your use case step-by-step

Let me know if you have any other questions

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  • I understand where your answer is coming from, that would make sense for lets say, an AWS class where every team is working on the same data. But this is our Capstone Project for the degree, each time is doing completely different projects on different data sets, I uploaded the data sets into an S3 bucket I created that I am now trying to manipulate using RDS-Aurora. I have emailed our professor about creating us IAM roles for this, but he has said our Amazon liaison does not want to do that for us.

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