Glue crawler: exclude field or predefine it's type


I am getting json files to my s3. For example:

    "name" : "John",
    "lastname": "Doe",
    "meta" : {
        "x": "a",
        "y": "b",
        "unwanted_field": {
            "some": "stuff",
            "to": "ignore"

Is there a way exclude meta.unwanted_field key or predefine it's type as STRING during crawling process? Maybe somebody has a solution how I can achieve this without file reprocessing?

Thank you for any help.

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Yes, you can prevent a document or several from being read using glob pattern, in the field where I indicate with an arrow

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  • this functionality let's you to exclude whole file based on name pattern. i want to exclude key within the file.

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