CDK Step Function Map state working with "Distributed Mode"


Hi we are from in dcs_core team,

We are using cdk to deploy state machine and we are using "Map" state with "inline mode", and we are currently required to use "Distributed mode" due to "inline mode" limitations, but we could not find any documentation or examples related with it does latest cdk version supports working "Map with Distributed mode" ?

Can you please help ? Thank you.

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Update: As Anentropic pointed out, the CDK Construct has been released:

Hi Umut,

as of today, Distributed Map isn't supported by the CDK yet ( However, you can always use the CustomState construct to drop in any ASL that’s not natively implemented in the L2 constructs.

For example:

const custom = new sfn.CustomState(this, 'distributed map state', {
  stateJson: { 
    "Type": 'Map',
    "ItemReader": {
      "ReaderConfig": {
        "InputType": "CSV",
        "CSVHeaderLocation": "FIRST_ROW"
      "Resource": "arn:aws:states:::s3:getObject",
      "Parameters": {
    "ItemProcessor": {
      "ProcessorConfig": {
        "Mode": "DISTRIBUTED",
        "ExecutionType": "EXPRESS"
      "StartAt": "...",
      "States": {

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  • Is there any progress on getting DistributedMap support available directly in the CDK, as an L2 construct or otherwise?

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