xvdca=ephemeral0 - 25 being created without reason


So we are creating AMIs for our instances and there are references to xvdca=ephemeral0, 1, 2 and so on

This is causing issues with Lambda functions we are running, any ideas why it is doing this? See image for examples under block storage for the AMI

Also worth adding, it is not doing it to all AMIs that are being created, but is happening to most of them

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When you create an AMI from an instance, the ephemeral storage attachments are included in the AMI. This can cause issues when you launch instances from the AMI, as the ephemeral storage attachments may not be compatible with the instance type or the specific use case. You can create an instance store-backed AMI. Instance store-backed AMIs do not include ephemeral storage attachments, which can help avoid the issues you are experiencing. If your Lambda function requires ephemeral storage, you can try using a different instance type that better suits your needs. Some instance types have more or different ephemeral storage configurations than others. Also, consider refactoring your application to decouple the Lambda function from the specific instance configuration. This may involve storing any necessary data in a more persistent storage service, such as Amazon S3 or Amazon DynamoDB, instead of relying on ephemeral storage.

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