No External identity provider for for AWS IAM Identity center



I'm trying to link an external AWS Identity provider in AWS IAM Identity Center. When selecting an identity source, there are only two options available: Identity Center directory and Active Directory.

All documentation available, such as this, tells me that there should be a third option: External identity provider but there is not.

Do I need to enable something special for this option to show up?

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The option is there if I create a new AWS account. This is really odd.

I don't unfortunately have access to AWS technical support. I guess I'm stuck 😞

I appreciate your help thou.

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Yeah, I can't follow instructions as "External identity provider" is not an option. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are only two options (and not three as all instructions indicate)

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  •'s wierd. In my environment@us-east-1 "External identity provider" appeared.I didn't do anything special. (Just followed the public instructions.)

    I can't find similer case like you, so I recommend you to contact to AWS support that,"External identity provider" is not showing up even though followed the official instructions.(If not yet)


Hi. So you mean procedure in this page does not work for you?

Use the following procedure to connect to an external identity provider from the IAM Identity Center console.

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