AppFlow with SAP OData HTTP endpoint


Hello, I need to extract data from a SAP system on-prem via SAP OData HTTP endpoint and store them on S3. I have Direct Connect connectivity set up in a Network account of my organization as well as DNS to resolve on-prem names.

I tried to use AppFlow with a PrivateLink to access the SAP OData endpoint via Direct Connect (VPC endpoint + NLB setup in the networking account). However, I’m receiving an error since AppFlow is expecting an HTTPS URL in order to setup a SAP OData connection.

Is there some workaround to be able to use AppFlow SAP OData connector with HTTP URL?

I was thinking about putting an ALB after the NLB in order to use HTTPS towards the NLB and then use the ALB to change from HTTPS to HTTP. Something like: APPFLOW —-(HTTPS_443) —> NLB— (HTTP_443) —> ALB —— (HTTP_8000)—-> SAP

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


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