How to run AWS DataSync on local Kubernetes cluster?

0 explains how to:

  • Deploy your agent on VMware
  • Deploy your agent on KVM
  • Deploy your agent on Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Deploy your agent on Amazon EC2
  • Deploy your agent on AWS Snowcone
  • Deploy your agent on AWS Outposts

How can one deploy a DataSync Agent in a Kubernetes cluster?

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Hi Alexandru, DataSync agents cannot be deployed as containers at this time.

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A good soul said one would need to:

  • download an instance of the agent
  • convert the qcow2 image to a docker image and store it in some docker registry
  • remove any secrets from the docker image and turn them into kubernetes secrets
  • convert all the startup scripts they wrote into a docker entrypoint & init system
  • run in a job/pod with 64G ram
  • redo this every time the upstream image changes
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