Is is currently possible to create an AppFlow via CLI for Source ConnectorType=SharePoint?


I'm trying to create an AppFlow flow for a Microsoft SharePoint Online source using CLI.

Since the documentation doesn't appear to contain ConnectorType = SharePoint (or similar), does this mean it's not currently supported? If not, is there a reference I can use? Otherwise, I'm flying blind...


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I understand that you would like to know if it's possible to AppFlow flow for a Microsoft SharePoint Online using ConnectorType as SharePoint. I would like to inform you that in order to create a flow for Microsoft SharePoint Online connector using AWS CLI, you would require to use a custom connector hence the ConnectorType would be "CustomConnector" instead of "SharePoint".

You can create a JSON file (let's say named "test-file.json") to provide all the details about flow configuration and use the AWS CLI command to create the flow using below command:

> aws appflow create-flow --cli-input-json file://test-file.json

The contents of the JSON file could be as follows:

    "flowName": "test-flow",
    "description": "test-flow",
    "triggerConfig": {
        "triggerType": "OnDemand"
    "sourceFlowConfig": {
        "connectorType": "CustomConnector",
        "apiVersion": "v1.0",
        "connectorProfileName": "<ProfilenName>",
        "sourceConnectorProperties": {
            "CustomConnector": {
                "entityName": "<>",

For more information, please refer to the below given links: [+] [+] Microsoft SharePoint Online connector for Amazon AppFlow -

Thank you!

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