403 Forbidden Error and WordPress Access Issue on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment


I am encountering a "403 Forbidden" error when attempting to access my WordPress website hosted on an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment and the Proxy server is Nginx.

Steps Taken:

  1. Checked file permissions using ls -l command and confirmed that appropriate permissions are set for the WordPress files and directories.
  2. Verified the Elastic Beanstalk environment's security group to ensure that it allows inbound traffic on port 80 for HTTP access.
  3. Inserted /wordpress/ in the Document root but after Beanstalk updated the environment, the "/wordpress/ no longer shows.

Please help and thank you.

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Are there any errors in the Elastic Beanstalk logs or web server logs that lead you to investigate the cause?
Do you mean that a 403 error occurs when accessing the following URL?

http://Elastic Beanstalk domain/wordpress/wp-admin
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  • My only basis to investigate the cause is when the domain: http://pinoyagrisite-env.eba-mq6xmh2j.ap-southeast-1.elasticbeanstalk.com/ is opened, it just shows 403 Forbidden. I tried to check the logs in EC2 instance but I don't understand because I'm a beginner. Please guide me to the right direction. Any help is appreciated.

  • I found the cause of the problem possibly. Accessing the following URL will bring up the Wordpress initial setup screen. I suspect you were getting a 403 error because you have not yet completed the initial Wordpress configuration. In addition, a directory named "wordpress" is placed under the document root, so please add "/wordpress/" to the URL when accessing it, as shown below.

  • Thank you so much! I was able to access the WordPress. Can you help me fix the 403 Forbidden? Do I have to restart all over again and configure the WordPress?

  • If you get this initial screen, then Wordpress is not set up and you need to do the initial setup.

  • I appreciate leading me to the right direction. I'm trying to configure now the ebextensions.

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