"Too many redirects" error for some users


Some users are receiving an error message when attempting to access our admin page, i.e. xxxx.com/admin. Others are able to access it easily. We have tried clearing caches, removing cross-tracking, etc for the individual users and it continues to be a problem. The entire error is: "Too many redirects occurred trying to open https://xxxxx.com/admin/index.php. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page"

Any ideas? I assume I need to change a configuration in my record set, but have no idea what caused this suddenly, or how to fix it.

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Doesn't sound DNS-related. Probably something in either your web server or your Wordpress configuration.

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The error "Too many redirects" occurs when your website is stuck in a redirect loop. Kindly check your server configuration for any redirection rules that could result in a loop.

The error could also be caused due to an HTML/PHP/JS page which redirects to another page which inturn redirects again to previous page

The redirection configuration will need to be done on the server itself. Route 53 is a DNS service and it only resolves your Domain name and returns the IP address of your server.

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The "Some users" makes this a bit confusing. Agreed that this is likely something either in the httpd/nginx config or in the application. A common scenario is http-->https redirects when dealing with a load balancer, and not having the traffic flow/apache configs setup correctly.

Are you restricting the /admin page to specific subnets/ips..e.g. based on whether they are on a vpn or not? that would also (likely) be something in the apache config somewhere.

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