Glue table recreation causes GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: io.trino.spi.block.VariableWidthBlockBuilder


It seems like there is an issue with the management of glue tables under the hood?

We have data pipelines that have recently started failing on all our raw glue tables, where downstream tables started getting "GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR" messages. On recreation of the source glue table, when reloading partitions for the raw source glue table and querying the data we now receive "GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: io.trino.spi.block.VariableWidthBlockBuilder", has something changed with regards to glue or athena recently? All table updates are failing that are dependant on these raw glue tables.

Furthermore, if I create the same table under a different table name with the same configurations (partitions, schemas, serializers, format), the table is functional and I can query the data

Additional information:

Input format Output format Serde serialization lib org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.avro.AvroSerDe

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Can confirm. Started happening starting from 2023/09/14. Running create or replace view statemen against Glue tables. Among 80 tables, around 10 statements are failing. And source tables on those 10 are random.

For the same operation based on other views the error is a bit different: Error: line 7:23: Failed analyzing stored view '092448557875.schema_name.view_name': GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR

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  • Same here.. I spent all day figuring this out.

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