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AWS SSO IDp For OpenSearch


We are using AWS SSO with Google Workspace to log into AWS.

We also have OpenSerch in use. We want to use AWS SSO as an IDP for OpenSearch however we get the following error

Oops, something went wrong
Provide your administrator with the following info:
No access
Request ID: xxxx
HTTP status: 403

The 403 call is when a GET is made on HTTP/1.1

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Not sure if you ve referred the below links for the same. AWS SSO with G-suite as an External IDP:

SAML with AWS Open-search:

These provide the basic steps for configuration & the right approach. However for a detailed check, I would advise to open up a support case with the AWS SSO/AWS Opensearch team and get it checked, once verified the steps in the above links.

answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

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