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CodeGuru not loading the list of private GitHub repositories


Trying to associate GitHub account & repo with CodeGuru. In the "Associate repository and create a code review" form, I am able to connect to a GitHub repo of which I am the admin/owner. The auth with GitHub goes through fine. However after connecting with GitHub account, the Repository location fails to update and show the list of available private GitHub repos.

I am able to use the same account with CodeBuild/Codepipeline w/o any issues and they all are able to find the private GitHub repo. Looking at the docs on can't see anything different. How do I get CodeGuru to find the GitHub repos?

asked 9 months ago81 views
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Accepted Answer

NVM, there was a step missing that had to be performed in GitHub - click the grant button in GitHub to allow the connector from AWS access to the repo. The initial auth form does not do so.

answered 9 months ago

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