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AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC stops at step 3 and says "Pending" for all others



I ran AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC to migrate my EC2 Classic to VPC. I ran Test first then Cutover. It started to run successfully but stopped on step 3 checkIfVirtualizationTypeIsHVM and that step and all others are Pending. It looks as if I must have done something wrong in setting up VPC and it can't receive the migration, but this is all 100% new to me and I don't know what to change.

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I understand you want to migrate your EC2 Classic to VPC and you had an output message of “checkIfVirtualizationTypeIsHVM” when it stopped on step 3. The output you got is caused by AMI virtualization type. Some instance types support both PV and HVM virtualization, while others support only one or the other. You will need to create an AMI for your instance, you can use this documentation to create one for Windows [1]. In addition I have provided a guided documentation on Migrate from EC2-Classic to a VPC with the Linux create AMI steps also inculded [2]. In the documentation there will also be guided steps on creating a VPC should you feel the need to create a new one.



answered 2 months ago
  • I have made the following progress:

    created a VPC in my target region created a new AMI created a new security group that is visible in the VPC created Systems Manager configuration and (tried) to apply it to all my existing instances

    However, I can't get the EC2 instance that I want to migrate to show up in the list of managed instances in the migration runbook, and it now fails at step 5, verifySecurityGroup. The security group that I want to use does show up in the VPC > Security Groups. When I run AWSSupport-TroubleshootManagedInstance on the migrating instance I get CheckVpcEndpoint failed.

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