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Unresponsive ec2 instance



On 25.05 and today on 30.05 we got alarms that instance is down/unresponsive. Instance id is i-084bee8dfe7252dd5. We are using promethues for alarms and monitoring and I checked also cloudwatch for that instance. I didn't find anything in the logs, everything seems in order.

Once we get alarm, I can ping instance but I can't access it no matter what I try. I have to shutdown instance and start it again using console to get it working. Can you check on your end? Any suggestions?

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If you have a problem such as this I strongly recommend that you create a support case to get assistance for troubleshooting. This forum is best-effort and we don't have access to your instance details - the support team does and can assist you with that.

The only other thing I can suggest is to use the EC2 Serial Console - assuming it is a Linux instance.

answered a month ago

Thanks for your response. How to contact support on basic plan?

answered a month ago

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