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Why is my iOS Swift generated SDK missing a defaultClient member?


I ran through the Calc REST API tutorial given in the API Gateway guide and everything worked perfectly when I ran test invocations via the AWS Console. But when I generate the iOS Swift SDK from the deployed stage 'SDK Generation' tab, unzip and import into my Xcode project, the defaultClient member is missing in <API-Name>Client.swift.

The file that comes with the SDK reads as follows:

# Use the SDK in your project

1. Grab the `defaultClient` from your code

        let client = <API-Name>Client.defaultClient()

1. You can now call your method using the client SDK

Does anyone know why this would be missing?

1 Answer

There was an error in the generated with the REST API iOS Swift SDK. It should have referred to default() and not defaultClient(). This was confirmed by the Amplify team here:

answered 3 years ago

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